Q: Do I need to download the games in order to play?

No – but you do need to have Adobe Flash Player in order for the games to load. However, you need not to be worried as most of the web browsers have it installed by default.

Q: How do I play?

Most of the games are self-explaining: you just need a mouse to shoot the bubbles!

Q: How is my privacy protected?

We do not store any information that could be a potential threat for your privacy. Should you sign up, all your data is encrypted in the database and we will NOT share it with any third-party.

Q: I found an interesting game on the internet, how do I submit it on your website?

Use the submission form in the upper navbar. Make sure the game is relevant to this website though! We love car games, but it is likely that the users on this website would not so please make sure you only submit games from the same niche.